False Branding is probably not the best way to market cannabis

Narrating has for quite some time been a piece of advertising. It’s one reason why we refer to the Coronel as one of our “poverty to newfound wealth stories”. Gracious, – you don’t have a clue about the narrative of KFC’s “Coronel Sanders?” Essentially the story goes that the Coronel attempted to do numerous positions for an incredible duration – with apparently next to zero achievement.

It wasn’t that he was awful, it just didn’t have that “Umph” factor. Be that as it may, during the Great Depression he began selling chicken using his “Mystery Recipe” and sub-successively made the chicken realm known as KFC at the young age of sixty.

Is the story 100% valid? Likely not – however it depends on a genuine individual who really did that. Dislike the subject of our story today. All things considered – you’re perusing a blog on a weed page so separated from the undeniable motivation behind why you’re finding out about chicken [munchies], what does any of this have to do with cannabis?

The story goes that the Chigona – a dispensary claimed by three boss Latina sisters from Jalisco. From the beginning, it seemed like the three sisters were given blessings that would make them a force to be reckoned with inside the Californian Cannabis scene.

Maria – “The plant whisperer”, Sonia – “The curandera” and obviously, Adriana who could sell anything in the wake of watching her dad hustle sugar stick growing up.

These three women were intended for incredible things – that is in the event that they were genuine.

It worked out that “La Chingona” and the Del Rosario sisters were just a creation designed by the proprietor Michael Kaisar.

While there is legitimately nothing amiss with imagining anecdotal characters to speak to a brand – A la Tony the Tiger. La Chingona took a more exacting and reasonable methodology.

The narrative of the three sisters have components that lure somebody to ‘need to know more’. For those with roots from Latin America – it additionally reverberates on a more profound social level. Simon Sinek stated, “Consistently Start with why” when you’re selling a brand story.

With La Chingona, the Why is agonizingly basic – defeating misfortune from the situation of a minority. It’s relating to one of the biggest minority bunches in the United States with the aim of changing over them into faithful enthusiasts of the business.

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On the off chance that at the negligible La Chingona has Latin American women working or managing everything – the pseudo-fiction would have been pardoned. Yet, the way that the brand was generally run by white-guys, didn’t agree with some Latina ladies.

They were provoked to fix things and thusly connected with the brand.

The Brand didn’t think they were doing anything incorrectly

As indicated by an ongoing article, Susie Placencia was one of the Latina ladies who didn’t discover the tale of La Chingona suitable. Guaranteeing that abusing the figure of three influential ladies for benefit was in reality “Social Appropriation”.

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While I for one aversion that word I think for this situation it is reading material. Indeed, even with the Mexican association of the owner[ who had a Mexican Grandmother and was one of the motivations to the story].


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